A Very Rosy Year

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Stone and Snow, that was all that was left of Winterfell. Just like she and Jon.

Sometimes when I get kinda bored on a Sunday night, and refuse to do work, and I’m feeling kind of blue, I remember that I haven’t yet finished reading Game of Thrones, and there is at least one amazing story just waiting on my kindle, and really, there are infinity amazing stories just waiting to be discovered, and maybe one day some of them will be mine, but there is no great hurry, and this will be a simple House Hunters International Sunday, with a dog asleep on my feet, while I am dreaming, oddly, of Germany, and the paradox of its luxe beauty and severe efficiency.

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Munich Day 1:  J and I got into town at about 2pm, to our hotel, which was perfectly located.  Hotel Dolomit was a half block from the Haupbahnhof Central Station, which serves the airport and most of the train lines.  The hotel was expensive, but worth it for its convenience.  We walked down to the Thereseinwiese to look around, and checked out the tents, which were not at all crowded on a Thursday afternoon.  It was early, so we decided to check out St. Paul’s Cathedral, which sits on the north end of the Thereseinwiese.  We climbed many stairs (more than we should have), and we rewarded with some nice views.  Thursday night we wandered into tents and beer gardens, and got into shenanigans.  

Joyce and I had both read quite a bit about Oktoberfest, but nothing could have prepared me for the magnitude of the event.  The cultural differences were interesting to me, as I can’t imagine a bunch of young American males hanging out, all in leather pants handed down through generations, without mocking each other.  I can’t imagine 100,000 American drinking liters of beer without it devolving into mayhem (or maybe not…this is a typical tail-gating/college football crowd?)  The Germans we met were self-contained, efficient, and unapologetic, as per their reputation.  I enjoyed them thoroughly.  

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Munich Day 3:  Saturday we ate a delicious Mediterranean breakfast of hummus, fresh pita, and tabbouleh, and then wandered around the city for a while.  We walked by the Augustiner brewery, had a beer at a tiny cafe, and upon returning to the Wiesn from a different angle, encountered the Hill.  At that point on Saturday afternoon, many people had overextended themselves in the tents, and felt it necessary to take a quick disco nap on the hill of the Theresienwiesen.  Joyce and I called it the Hill, and it was endlessly entertaining.  I found out that some natives call it Poet’s Hill.  It was the most ridiculous display I’ve ever seen.  Anyway, we found our little corner for people-watching, and met some new International friends, and wandered around, thoroughly entertained.

 The Wiesn was a spectacle, for sure.  

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Munich Day 2:  Friday we walked East, into the center city to see Munich outside of the festival.  We ate some delicious vegetarian food at a bier garden, and wandered around for hours taking in the sights.  Upon returning to the Thereseinwiese, we found the festival to be significantly more crowded than the day before.  We found a little beer garden where we could stand outside and people watch, which is my favorite thing to do.  We basically stood around and talked to people, and waited for people to talk to us.  We met festival goers from Portugal, Mexico, Russia, Florida, France, Germany (of course), Switzerland, and other places I probably can’t remember.  

L-R St. Peter’s, Theatine Church St. Cajetan, St. Peter’s, Marienplatz, Graggenauer Viertal Court Garden, Theresienwiesen

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